Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deer Claims - ACCIDENTS

With the month of November just around the corner, the number of Deer Claims increase dramatically in the state of Wisconsin. Here are 8 important points to remember when you are on the road:
1. Most deer claims occur around sunrise and sunset. Be particularly alert at these times. Slow your speed and be prepared to stop.
2. Always wear your seat belt and have your passengers do the same.
3. TAKE THE DEER, NOT THE DITCH! Try to brake as much as possible, keep control of the car, and stay ON THE ROADWAY IN YOUR LANE. Loosing control of the vehicle can cause more damage and injury.
4. If you spot a deer, slow down and blow the horn.
5. If you see one deer, assume there are more.
6. Pay attention to the roadways posted with deer caution signs. They are there for a reason.
7. "Deer Whistles" are ineffective. don't rely on them to help.
8. Report any accident promptly to the policy and your insurance agent.

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