Saturday, December 27, 2008

Limits of Liability

Almost every person that walks through the door or calls on the phone for auto, home, or umbrella coverage focus on the price. They assume what they have is OK or good enough. Higher limits for all three of these policy types are very inexpensive. With today's litigious society, every middle class household should carry high limits and a minimum $2,000,000 personal umbrella. The price is almost nothing.

The goal of insurance is to insure your assets from fire, wind and lawsuit. Ask a professional insurance agent what you should carry? He will give you limit choices at the right price.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Driving

All you have to do is look outside and you know WINTER is here. Here are some common sense things to remember about Winter driving:
1. SPEED or Too fast for conditions are the NUMBER 1 cause of accidents. Watch road conditions and reduce speed. 4 Wheel Drive vehicles can not be driven FASTER because they have 4 wheel drives. They will go in the ditch or cross the center line just like all other vehicles.
2. Distracted driving is fast becoming the next leading cause of accidents. In the "old" days it was radios, tapes, cd's, heating or air conditioning, and food as the leading cause. Then cell phones came along. Now IPods, Blackberries, and TEXTing are almost everywhere. This fall there was an 11 car accident in Madison cause by a guy TEXTing. Common sense: if you take your eyes off the road to TEXT or TALK - pull over. WHY BE IN A HURRY TO DIE?
3. Scrapper and a shovel are a good idea in the truck. Maybe even boots.
4. Proper amount of air in the tires is good for the gas mileage. Volume of air changes as the temperature gets colder.
5. Above all, watch the 1 inch snow falls - they are the worst because people think it will not be a problem. Remember, you might be the best driver in the world but that does not guarantee the other guy is very good. Drive defensive.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deer Claims - ACCIDENTS

With the month of November just around the corner, the number of Deer Claims increase dramatically in the state of Wisconsin. Here are 8 important points to remember when you are on the road:
1. Most deer claims occur around sunrise and sunset. Be particularly alert at these times. Slow your speed and be prepared to stop.
2. Always wear your seat belt and have your passengers do the same.
3. TAKE THE DEER, NOT THE DITCH! Try to brake as much as possible, keep control of the car, and stay ON THE ROADWAY IN YOUR LANE. Loosing control of the vehicle can cause more damage and injury.
4. If you spot a deer, slow down and blow the horn.
5. If you see one deer, assume there are more.
6. Pay attention to the roadways posted with deer caution signs. They are there for a reason.
7. "Deer Whistles" are ineffective. don't rely on them to help.
8. Report any accident promptly to the policy and your insurance agent.

Binning & Dickens Insurance Services, 329 W Center Street, Whitewater WI 53190

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


As the Baby Boomers start moving to and through retirement, probably the most important insurance PURCHASE will be LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE. The goal of this insurance is to protect your assets for as long as possible.

Who needs Long Term Care?
Even though you plan to remain healthy, active and independent, there’s a good chance, at some point, you’ll need help. Consider these statistics:
Today, people age 65 and older face a 40 percent lifetime risk of entering a nursing home — about 10 percent will stay there five years or more.
It’s not just the elderly, however, who require Long Term Care. Forty percent of the 12 million Americans receiving Long Term Care are between the ages of 18 and 64.
Because women generally outlive men, are they more at risk?
Yes, the issue of Long Term Care should be especially important to women because they traditionally provide (see Unpaid caregiving issues) and receive the majority of Long Term Care services. Consider these statistics:
After age 65, women face a 50 percent greater likelihood than men of entering a nursing home.
Seventy-five percent of nursing home residents 65 years and older are female, and two-thirds of home health care users are female.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

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As Independent Agent, we represent many insurance companies, giving us the opportunity to find the right insurance company for you. In addition we also find the RIGHT PRICE for you. Unlike the direct writers or the internet, we do the shopping for you.

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Auto, Home, and Business Insurance


With the advent of INTERNET INSURANCE, buyers are not consulting with anyone about their personal insurance purchases. Questions about policy limits, unisured and underinsured motorist coverage, rental reimbursement, physical damage coverage, gap insurance, umbrella coverage, etc are not being asked. The goal of insurance is to protect your assets. Insurance IS NOT a commodity like a pair of shoes or a new suit. I believe talking to an Independent Agent is the only way you can fully understand the insurance purchase and feel confident you are purchasing the insurance you need to protect yourself and your family from financial ruin.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Credit Scoring and Insurance

Credit scoring and insurance are here to stay. As much as we dislike the combination, insurance company statistics bear out the fact that people with low credit scores have more claims. Is it because they turn in every little claim, are they put into situations where they have more claims, are they unlucky, or some other reason. The fact is Credit Scoring will not go away and it is best to be proactive and do everything possible to improve your credit score. Things like limiting the number of credit cards, don't over extend yourself on credit cards or other credit sources, and most important pay ALL bills on time.

An individual needs to protect their Credit Score more than ever. It can only improve your financial future.