Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tips on how to prevent thefts from Vehicles

Here are some great tips on how to prevent thefts from vehicles:
1. Make sure windows are up and sunroof is closed when car is parked. Access to the inside of the car is also access to your trunk with most cars having trunk access buttons.
2. Try to park your car near streetlights if you have to leave your car out over night.
3. Don't leave anything of value in plain view in your vehicle.
4. Don't leave house keys or car keys in your car, even if in the garage.
5. Lock your car.
6. Always report suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the Police.

Ron Binning
Binning & Dickens Insurance Services

Monday, August 13, 2012


I was cutting the grass yesterday and starting thinking of claims caused by Lawn Tractors: Here is a list:
1. Giving young kids a ride while cutting grass: I know of no specific claim but it's a serious claim waiting to happen. JUST DON'T DO IT!
2. After mowing the grass, keep the LawnTractor OUTSIDE to allow it to cool down. I know of one serious house fire AFTER the Lawntractor was put away in the garage before it cooled down.
3. NEVER try to pull branches or twigs from under the mower dec if the mower dec is running. I know of one claim where the rider tried to remove the branch and the running blade pulled the branch and the person's hand into the blades. A very serious injury occurred.
4. Be careful handling gasoline. It is always prudent to fill the gas tank while the mower is cool. Alway store the gasoline OUTSIDE THE GARAGE.
Be safe.
Ron Binning
Binning & Dickens Insurance Services