Thursday, January 7, 2010

Woodburning stoves

It's January in Wisconsin and that means high HEAT bills. Woodburning Stoves are making a comeback. What you should know BEFORE you buy one:
1. Call you insurance agent 1st. Find out what the INCREASE in premium will be for the new stove.
2. Have it installed by a Professional. He will know about the chimney requirements, placement of the stove, setbacks from the walls and floor, non combustible materials needed, etc.
3. All chimneys and stoves should cleaned at least once a year by someone who know what they are doing. As the Professional Installer for recommendations.
4. How do you dispose of the ashes? A METAL CONTAINER DESIGNED FOR THE PURPOSE IS MANDATORY. Ashes can stay HOT for up to 2 days. Do not use cardboard boxes, paper bags, or plastic bags to dispose of the ashes. Do not put them in your garage either.

Our office has paid claims because these steps were not followed by homeowners.
Ron Binning
Binning & Dickens Insurance
Whitewater WI

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Wisconsin Traffic Crash Facts

As we enter 2010, it is always interesting to read and compare how Wisconsites did on the roads as compared to other years. Speeding (or too fast for conditions) still lead the way in cause of accidents. Alcohol consumption is the 2nd leading cause of fatalities on our roads.

In 2009 the State Department of Transportation has recorded 542 fatalities on WI roads. That compares to 585 in 2008, 737 in 2007, and 712 in 2006. In 2002 there were 805.

Anne McCartt of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety said, "The poor economy likely is pushing roadway fatalities down since people are driving less. As the economy improves, we expect highway fatalities to increase again."

"Distracted Driving is another leading cause of accidents in WI. Radios, cds, cell phones, blackberrys, texting, etc all contibute to taking your eyes off the road.

Everyone these days seem to be in a hurry. Too bad some of them are in a hurry to die.

Drive smart - drive safe.
Ron Binning
Binning & Dickens Insurance Services