Friday, October 15, 2010

Deer Claim Accidents

Wisconsin is full of White Tail Deer and with November fast approaching, we will see more and more of them on our roadways. BEING SAFE IS A LOT EASIER IF WE PLAN.

Deer have a pattern of behavior so if you see deer on the route you travel, you will see them again. Here are some ways you can protect yourself from a vehicle/deer accident:

1. High risk periods are from sunset to midnight and around dusk. Slow down at these times.

2. Use HIGH BEEM lights whenever possible. Watch for the reflection of their eyes and silhouettes. When spotting them, brake firmly BUT STAY IN YOUR LANE.

3. Deer are unpredictable. Sometimes they stop for the bright lights, sometimes they run. Brake, check the rearview mirror and if necessary and safe, stop if you have to. Blow horn.

4. If you see one deer, almost certainly there will be more. Proceed slowly.

Remember to be safe and alert whenever you get behind the wheel. No cell phones and no texting and be on the alert for the White Tail Deer.

Ron Binning

Binning & Dickens Insurance

Whitewater WI 53190