Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Driving

All you have to do is look outside and you know WINTER is here. Here are some common sense things to remember about Winter driving:
1. SPEED or Too fast for conditions are the NUMBER 1 cause of accidents. Watch road conditions and reduce speed. 4 Wheel Drive vehicles can not be driven FASTER because they have 4 wheel drives. They will go in the ditch or cross the center line just like all other vehicles.
2. Distracted driving is fast becoming the next leading cause of accidents. In the "old" days it was radios, tapes, cd's, heating or air conditioning, and food as the leading cause. Then cell phones came along. Now IPods, Blackberries, and TEXTing are almost everywhere. This fall there was an 11 car accident in Madison cause by a guy TEXTing. Common sense: if you take your eyes off the road to TEXT or TALK - pull over. WHY BE IN A HURRY TO DIE?
3. Scrapper and a shovel are a good idea in the truck. Maybe even boots.
4. Proper amount of air in the tires is good for the gas mileage. Volume of air changes as the temperature gets colder.
5. Above all, watch the 1 inch snow falls - they are the worst because people think it will not be a problem. Remember, you might be the best driver in the world but that does not guarantee the other guy is very good. Drive defensive.

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