Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Road Trip

My wife and I just drove to Myrtle Beach and back - about 2,200 miles round trip. Here is a summary of what we saw:

A guy with a folded newspaper in his steering wheel - reading doing about 70 MPH; too many people to count on their cell phone; could tell MANY people were texting (looking down at their lap - repeatedly); drivers do NOT slow down in construction zones; too many white crosses to count in the medians and side of the roads (2 of them with construction hats on top of the crosses); 2 people pulled over by police after they went past us doing at least 90 MPH; weavers - these are people who with either 2 or 3 lanes available - weaving through traffic going way too fast; too many speeders to count - every hour; tailgaters; 1 very bad accident (3 cars) in the mountains - I'm sure the cause was too fast in HEAVY rain; 1 guy eating a sub sandwich & talking on a cell phone driving very eratically - probably trying to steer with his knees.

A great trip but a little scary when you consider a LOT of people do not have much respect for driving and the damage and injury a car going 70 MPH can cause.

When will people learn???????????????

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