Thursday, January 6, 2011

Credit Score and your Auto Insurance

How can I improve my Credit Score and get lower auto insurance premiums:

Get copies of your credit report and make sure they are free of inaccuracies.
Avoid the types of credit that can ding your insurance score, such as department store credit cards, credit accounts at a local tire dealer, auto parts store, or service station, as well as retailer credit cards issued by finance companies, not banks.
Use oil company credit cards and national bank credit cards (like those from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), which are preferred by insurers.
Talk to your insurer about your score, using the information to build a case if you wish to complain about incorrect scoring.
Avoid running up sizable credit card balances, which could be reported as high relative to your overall credit limit, by paying balances in full every month or even sending smaller credit card payments weekly.
Try not to apply for new credit too often, since scoring systems look down on excessive new credit and credit inquiries.
Pay your bills on time, perhaps using automatic bill pay from your checking account to avoid late payments or having the check get lost in the mail.
Request exceptions for circumstances beyond your control that could have hurt your credit report, such as divorce, job, loss, medical problems, or Hurricanes Katrina or Rita.
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